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WARNING: This game contains some disturbing and graphic scare events. This game is not recommended for people with heart diseases or children below the age of 14. If you fall under the stated people, play at your own risk!



What happens when you go on a Ghost Hunt to an allegedly haunted location which has a sinister past, a dark history, with the curiosity of finding out if Ghosts are real and with the wish to be able to capture real paranormal activity on the camera, to be able to prove if Ghosts are real. But what happens when your adrenaline filled, casual ghost hunt turns out to be your worst nightmare!


Ghost Hunt is an atmospheric survival horror game developed by Cava Games.

Cava Games Website: www.cavagames.weebly.com


Plot of the game:

                 The story of ghost hunt revolves around an amateur ghost hunter, who has been on several ghost hunts, but never found a compelling evidence of the paranormal. During one of his casual ghost hunts, he decided to visit an abandoned building in the Ravenhill area of Kentucky. The mistake he makes is that he goes there, ALONE. He begins his ghost hunt thinking as if it would be a normal ghost hunt as well, and nothing paranormal is gonna show up this time either, but what happens inside, changes him. He comes face to face with his darkest fears.

                      In the game, you will be given a few usable objects at the beginning of the game. These objects will be useful for the player to give the player a headstart. Be careful, the entities the lurk in that darkness could be anywhere, could attack anytime. Stay vigilant. Look everywhere. Inspect everything. You might just find something that could save your life. There are secrets hidden in the building, you must find them in order to be able to get out. Best of luck        


Install Instructions:

Once you purchase the game, you will get access to all the 3 files included. You need to download all three files to be able to install the game. The included files contain 2 archive files, which contain the setup of the game, and one is a text file, which has the Auto generated unique key. 

Once all files are downloaded, extract both archives in one folder. Ghost Hunt's installer will be extracted. Run the setup as administrator. Follow the procedure to install the game. When the password dialog prompts, copy and paste your auto generated unique key in the password box and click continue. Now, you shall be able to install the game without any problems.

If you incur any problems while the installation or during the game play, send us an email, we will always be ready to help. (Cava Games email adress: cavagames03@gmail.com)


System Requirements:


Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64bit ONLY)

Intel i3 @2ghz

A GPU with at-least 2gb Video Memory

4gb RAM

4gb Hard disk space


Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64bit ONLY)

Intel Core i7 7th Gen @4.5ghz

A GPU with 4gb Video Memory

8gb RAM

4gb Hard disk space


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

GH-Setup.part1.rar 700 MB
GH-Setup.part2.rar 500 MB
Unique Key.txt 373 bytes


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Did it on stream and it was soooo much fun! The monsters are cringe and sooo scary haha. Some jumpscares got me soooo bad. Thanks for this spoooooky experience! It's the third game and starts @ 47:50

My friends and I played this for a Random Horror Game video! Fantastic Job!

Thanks :) Try out "The Shrine" by me as well! Its a walking sim horror game demo!!


Hi bro!! i got a problem with the game, i got 2 monitors and the game opens in the wrong display .. there is a way to play windowed mode? 


Open the properties of the game, and add "-windowed" to the location at the end, hopefully that works:)

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Bro...I knew it was scary and I'm no stranger to scary games I never jump during a game...but let me tell you, the jumpscares in this game WILL get you. This game is at the place where I'd forget about formalities and burn the house down over that thing! Awesome job with the game! I was not expecting to be hunted in this game, but I was and it was by the monster itself. If this is how good your games are, hopefully I'm around to find your next one!

Thanks buddy!! 

I really appreciate it. I'm glad you liked my game!! 


Man, this game is CRAZY! It’s so scary I think I have to take a vacation now lol creepiest 40 mins of my life!!! 

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Glad I'm not the only one who reacted remotely similar to your reaction! XD

Thanks for playing Ghost Hunt :) 

I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!

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I'll give it a shot tonight. I didn't realize I would ever be hunted so I'm curious! ;)

Update: I will say that I did have to search for a decent rar extractor. NCH software is a good software that I would personally go for. I completely forgot about them until I found their version. It's not nighttime yet, so I'm not playing it until then. 

Sure :) 

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I’m gonna have to wait. I started feeling awful earlier today, hope it’s not covid, so it’ll stay on my computer until I can play it. Update: Guess it was a false alarm, maybe it was a stomach flu or something. It was gone by the time I got up this morning.


Hey , Very good game, here is my gameplay, graphic is good and creepy atmosphere, And i recommend the game , I support you for your future project, enjoy;)  


Thank you so much 😊. Could you please help share the game with more people? It's hard getting a game seen for an indie :(. And I'm glad you liked the game :)